Apple Watch Series 8 Rumors: What to Expect

In this article, we cover everything so far we know about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. This includes new rumors about its design, features, release date, and price. We will keep updating these pages as further information emerges, so make sure to bookmark it!

Apple Watch Series 7


The new rumors suggest that the next generation of the popular smartwatch may have a slimmer design. According to Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, the Apple Watch Series 8 will be Apple’s “most extensive redesign” of the device yet.

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The report claims that the new watch will feature a 5% larger display than the Apple Watch Series 7. Apple is also working on a rugged version of the Watch Series 8 that will target outdoor enthusiasts. This model is said to feature a larger case and display to the date. The rugged variant of the Apple Watch will be directly competing with the high-end Garmin devices such as the Fenix 7 and Forerunner 955

Mark Gurman believes that the new rugged model will have a 7% larger display than the Apple Watch Series 7 45mm variant with 410 x 502 pixels of resolution.

There have been rumors that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 will feature a MicroLED screen instead of an OLED screen. This would be a significant change from previous models, and it could lead to a slimmer device that’s also brighter and less demanding of power.

The watch is said to have a stronger body that is more scratch-resistant and a larger battery. Apple has not yet made any official information about the new watch, but leaks suggest it will be a significant upgrade.


According to insiders, the base model of the Series 8 may be priced at about $399, while the top-of-the-line, the rugged watch may cost around $800. These are just a few rumors at this point, and Apple has not officially announced any pricing information. If the rumors are true, the Series 8 could be one of the most expensive smartwatches on the market. 

S8 Chip: New Chipset

The Apple Watch Series 8 may feature an S8 Chip with almost similar features to the Apple Watch Series 7. So, we need to wait until next year for an improved chipset.

Improved Battery Life

Every Apple Watches have similar battery life, which is 18 hours, which means that you need to charge your watch every day. Even the new Apple Watch Series 8 has the same battery life. However, the Series 7 features fast charging, which means that the watch can be charged up to 80% in just 90 minutes.

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 may come with a Low-Power Mode, improving the battery life. The new Apple Watch model will be similar to the one on the iPhone and iPad. When you enable this mode, all non-essential features will be turned off, and the screen brightness will be reduced.

Improved Heart Rate Sensor

An Apple Patent suggests that upcoming Apple Watches may come with a new and improved heart rate sensor. The patent, which was filed on 28 Dec 2021, was discovered by Lifewire. It describes a watch that can include an optical heart rate sensor that supports user input, allowing the watch to understand gestures made by the user’s hand.

The patent also says that the new heart rate sensor will be more accurate than previous versions. It will be able to take measurements even when the user is sweating, has dry skin, or is in low light conditions.

Temperature Sensor

Apple Watches Series 8 is rumored to get a body temperature sensor! The sensor would initially be used for fertility planning but could also be used to detect a fever in future versions of the watch.

While the sensor is unlikely to show an actual temperature measurement, it could still be a helpful tool for monitoring your health. Body temperature is just one of many vital signs that can be monitored with wearable technology, and the addition of a temperature sensor would make the Apple Watch even more indispensable for keeping track of your health.

According to the reports, Apple planned to add a temperature sensor to the Apple Watch Series 7. However, Apple did not implement it due to the failure to pass the strict Apple regulations.

Car Crash detection: 

One of the latest rumors is that the next generation of Apple Watches will include car crash detection. This means that if you’re in a car crash, the watch will be able to tell and will automatically call 911 for you. This is an incredible feature that could potentially save lives. It’s not clear how the watch would detect a crash, but it would likely use sensors to detect changes in acceleration or impact.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Apple also won a few patents for the non-invasive blood sugar monitoring feature. The Apple Watch Series 8 may not have this feature, but the future generation of the Apple Watch might.

Blood Pressure Monitoring:

Like blood sugar monitoring features, the future Apple Watch also may feature a blood pressure monitor. Most probably, it could be available in the Apple Watch Series 8.

These are some rumors from reliable sources about the upcoming features of the Apple Watch Series 8.

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