Garmin introduces the HRM-Pro Plus chest strap for Indoor runners.

The upgraded version of Garmin’s HRM-Pro chest strap, the HRM-Pro Plus, offers smarter indoor run tracking features that take advantage of the built-in accelerometer.

Garmin HRM Pro Plus

It comes with a highly accurate heart rate sensor that transmits real-time heart rate to compatible devices such as the Fenix 7, Forerunner 955, Epix gen 2, etc. Also, you can connect it to the compatible Gym equipment to see your heart rate on display.

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The significant advantage of the HRM-Pro Plus is that it can be used to track your pace and distance on your treadmil and indoor running where GPS is not available.

A smartwatch with GPS cannot do much while you are indoors. The main purpose of the HRM-Pro Plus is to offer more accurate and insightful running metrics for those who run indoors on a treadmill or track.

The device is water-resistance up to 50 meters and features a replaceable battery that lasts up to 12 months. Additionally, it also supports ANT+® heart rate and ANT+ running dynamics.

Swimmers can now track heart rate in the water with the Garmin HRM-Pro Plus. This new heart rate monitor is designed to be used in the water and is compatible with Garmin watches.

The HRM-Pro Plus will record heart rate data during swim sessions and sync it with the data from the watch. This will allow swimmers to see their heart rate in real-time and compare it to their previous swims.

Cyclists who want to take their training to the next level will be excited to know that the Garmin HRM-Pro Plus is now compatible with the latest Garmin Edge cycling computers.

For example, the HRM-Pro Plus can provide detailed information about heart rate, calories burned, and even power output. This data can be extremely valuable for cyclists looking to improve their performance.

The price of the HRM Pro may come as a surprise to some, as it is priced at USD 129.99, the same as the previous model (HRM-Pro).

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