The New Snapdragon W5+ platform Comes with Longer Battery Life.

Qualcomm launched its new Snapdragon W5+ platform, designed specifically for Wear OS wearables. It is available in two variants: Snapdragon® W5+ Gen 1 and Snapdragon W5 Gen 1.

New Snapdragon W5+ platform

The new Snapdragon® W5+ Processor comes with a lot of improvements from its predecessor. The first and foremost is the significant increase in battery life. With this processor, Qualcomm promises up to 50% longer battery life for Wear OS devices.

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Qualcomm said that they are able to successfully hibernate its new processor at power levels never seen before. This breakthrough could have major implications for the wearables industry, as it could potentially lead to much longer battery life for devices.

The key to Qualcomm’s success lies in its ability to put the processor into a deep sleep state when not in use, thereby drastically reducing power consumption.

The second major improvement is in the performance department. The new platform is said to offer up to 2X better performances and features than the previous generation. On top of that, the size of this chip decreased to 30-60% compared to its predecessor, which will lead to thinner Wear OS devices.

Mobvoi and Oppo have already announced new smartwatches that will be powered by the new Snapdragon W5+ platform. Plus, over 25 devices are expected to arrive with this chip very soon.

The Snapdragon 5+ platform uses a hybrid architecture that is comprised of a 4nm-based system-on-chip and 22nm-based highly integrated always-on co-processor. It also comes with low power consumption for Islands for Wi-Fi, GNSS, and Audio.

Last but not least, the Snapdragon 5+ platform is customizable depending on the growing demands of the customers. This will enable Qualcomm to provide content and experiences which are more contextually aware and personal.

The Snapdragon W5+ platform is a significant upgrade from the previous generation, and it looks like Qualcomm is once again leading the way in the wearables market. With longer battery life and better performance, this new platform has a lot to offer to users.

However, until a smartwatch is released powered by this new processor, we won’t know for sure how well it performs in real-life scenarios. The longer battery life is also promising compared to the Apple watches with 18 hours of battery life.

We will have to wait and see if the new Snapdragon W5+ platform can live up to the hype. But, from what we know so far, it looks like a very promising start for Qualcomm’s new processor.

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