Oura 3 Gets SpO2 Monitoring Finally, As Promised

The Oura 3 ring, released last year, has finally added SpO2 measurements to its features. This update includes two new metrics, average blood oxygen, and breathing regularity. The data collected by the Oura 3 ring will help people to screen their overall health. In addition to the new SpO2 monitoring features, the Oura 3 ring has also been integrated with Strava for two-way syncing of data between the platforms.

Aura 3 Ring

Blood oxygen measurement is a vital health metric that measures the amount of oxygen in the body. A normal blood oxygen level is between 95-100 percent, and anything below 90 percent is considered low and requires medical attention.

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Oura 3 Blood Oxygen Level Monitoring

A number of factors can cause a low blood oxygen level, including lung disease, heart disease, anemia, and sleep apnea. A blood oxygen test is usually quick and painless and can be performed using a finger sensor or a small clip that attaches to the earlobe. Many smart wearables such as the Oura 3 ring now include SpO2 sensors to track blood oxygen levels.

The Oura ring uses its SpO2 Sensor to measure the oxygen level in the blood. Even though it is not a medical device, it can still give users a better understanding of their overall health.

The Oura 3 ring’s SpO2 sensor is located inside the ring, next to the LED light. When the user wears the ring, the SpO2 sensor emits red and infrared light that passes through the finger. The amount of light absorbed by the blood can be used to calculate the oxygen saturation level.

In addition to SpO2 monitoring, the device can now track breath rate and regularity. This will help detect sleep apnea, which is a sleeping disorder characterized by breathing stops or shallow breaths during sleep.

Additional features of the Oura 3 ring include:

  • Track heart rate
  • Track activity and exercise
  • Track sleep quality and quantity
  • Receive personalized insights and coaching

The update process for the Oura 3 ring is rolling out now. If you have an Oura 3 ring, be sure to update your device to get the new SpO2 monitoring features.

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