Realme Watch 3 with a Bigger Screen Releasing on 26th July

Realme Watch 3

The Realme revealed its third generation of smartwatches, the Realme Watch 3, on Monday. It is scheduled to launch on 26th July, and the new watch is expected to come with a 1.8-inch display.

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Its predecessor, the Realme Watch 2, and a Pro variant were launched the last year. The Watch 2 features a 1.4-inch TFT LCD touchscreen, whereas the Pro Variant features a larger 1.75-inch display with curved edges. The Realme Watch 3 will also have a similar design just like its predecessors but now features an even larger 1.8-inch screen with a brighter screen( 500 nits).

The Realme Watch 3 now has the ability to make Bluetooth calls, which is a great feature. According to the manufacturer, the AI noise cancellation and built-in smart amplifier ensure a clear sound. The new Realme Watch 3 also includes a built-in microphone and speaker for hands-free calling, making it the first Realme watch with Bluetooth Calling Support.

The watch may not feature a built-in GPS, but a Pro variant may be launched with this feature. It may also have a SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen monitoring in addition to that the heart rate monitor and sleep tracking.

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