Xplora X3GO Kids Smartwatch launched with Improved Design

The Xplora X3GO Kids Smartwatch lands with an improved 2 Megapixel camera and 4GB storage for pictures. The new X3Go has an improved design compared to its prdessor XGO2 and is available in 5 colors: orange, green, pink, black, and blue. The Xplora X3GO Kids Smartwatch costs $149.99/£139.99.

Xplora X3GO Kids Smartwatch

The Xplora X3GO Kids Smartwatch has a 1.3-inch touch screen LCD display with a 240×240 resolution. The display is one of the benefits of the smartwatch as it makes it easy for kids to use and interact. The touch screen of this watch is also responsive and accurate, making it an excellent choice for kids.

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The X3GO Kids Smartwatch is splashproof with an IX68 rating, but it is not swim-proof. This means that the little ones cannot use it while swimming but can still use it in the rain or while playing in the sprinklers.

The smartwatch also has a school mode, which means that the kids will not be distracted by the watch during class. The watch comes with 3G/4G connectivity, allowing parents to call their kids. Just like the Mellow Kids watch, this watch only receives phone calls from the pre-approved numbers that the parents set.

The watch also has an SOS mode, one of the key features parents look for when choosing a kid’s smartwatch. The watch will automatically call the pre-set number and send a notification to the parent’s phone. The parent can then check their child’s location via GPS from the Xplora app.

The Xplora X3GO also comes with a pedometer and Goplay games with rewards. The pedometer is a great feature for kids as it encourages them to be active and get moving. The Goplay games are also a great way to keep kids entertained while they are wearing the watch.

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